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Corona Virus Update, We need your help !

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

The Corona Virus situation has hit all of us in some way. And business has taken a downfall as we've had to close the shop to the public.

Also the party had to postponed and we lose about £300 on printing and promotion.

We're still fighting though! And this takes us back to our roots of being a purely online store. To help Drive Sales through we're giving you loads of offers.

⁠💸💸 50 % Off 💸💸⁠

The mega deals start with 50 % OFF all £5 and under reggae 7” + 12” EPs and singles (not albums).

3 for the price of 4 on all £5 and under records.

at Least 10% Off everything else. Drop us a message and we can talk deals :) Big Love x

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