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Extended 4for3 Offers on 15,000 items ! Our Biggest Ever Sale!

The 4for3 offer has been well received so we're extending it up to £10 records.


That means 4 x £10 Records = £30 (Save £10) We really appreciate the response we've had and your business makes a big difference to us during this time. Normally we'd see a boom in sales at the beginning of the month but it's not happened. However things are ticking along and projecting figures across the month at this new reduced rate (fingers crossed) we'll be ok. Hence why we're doing our Biggest Sale Ever as a way to stay afloat and also give back to you as customers for giving us your business. We're pushing ahead with listing stuff online so there's more quality selections for you :) As always we're generally flexible on price anyway. Drop us a message if there's anything you're interested in that isn't in the £10 and under deal and we can talk discounts :) Big Love x

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