20th September 2015 // News

Sooo…. we just bought 13,500 records!

Almost every genre in this collection ! So many gems ! Lots more exciting news to come as we wade our way through this ocean

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15th September 2015 // News

Wax Master Johny cutting us some records!

Today we went deep into the heart of Peckham to visit Cigarette Records family and get some records cut. What an exciting day! Johny worked

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16th August 2015 // News

Our First Three Releases Are Almost Ready!

With the launch of the website three EPs will be released for Free.<br><br>There will be a demo EP from Older Women, an EP from Besson and an Ep

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1st August 2015 // News

Starting to book the next series of Pop Ups!

We are really excited to announce our next series of pop up dates. After a busy few weeks we have almost finished pricing all the records from

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21st July 2015 // News

Massive restock of vinyl

We have been busy bees the last two weeks and have had a major restock of 3000 records. We’ve bought a load of new (old) rock, disco, reggae,

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1st July 2015 // News

Sticker Hype!

Cigarette records is now the proud parents of a whole but load of stickers! Designed by the illustrious Penfold, and boy did he do a good job !

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